Impression Level Protection

The first step towards advertising that delivers better results.

TrafficGuard’s Impression Level Protection helps you to make sure your ads are viewable, by real people with the highest likelihood of converting later in the advertising journey. Leveraging intelligence gathered across the entire conversion funnel, pre-bid optimisation is strengthened and your advertising gets the best start possible.

Impression level capabilities that drive advertising performance



If your ads aren’t seen, why should you pay for the impression? Don’t let unviewable ads take your ad spend and skew your performance metrics. Using TrafficGuard you can ensure that ads are viewable to MRC standards, so that your ads have a chance to convert.

Pre-bid optimisation

Pre-bid optimisation

Trust TrafficGuard to stop your ads being shown in environments that are unviewable or underperforming. TrafficGuard’s pre-bid optimization relies on intelligence gathered from the whole advertising journey to prioritise audiences with the highest likelihood to convert.

IVT Measurement

IVT Measurement

Early identification of invalid traffic is critical in ensuring your performance data stays clean. The impression is your first line of defence against IVT. TrafficGuard monitors the whole advertising journey and applies that broader intelligence to enhance impression level IVT measurement.

Viewability in Action

You can navigate this sample page in a similar way to any other website.

The viewability of the below video, super banner and skyscraper ads will be updated in the real time in the Viewability Measurement box on the left of the page.


Attention: Viewability Measurement will not be shown on mobile devices.

Measurement explained

Viewable Impression

The proportions of the advertising space that are visible in the browser window are shown in the Viewability Measurement box as a percentage. The viewable proportions may change while navigating the website.


Viewtime is the number of seconds an ad is in view for. The timer stops if the user opens a different application or otherwise navigates away from the page.

Inactivity stops the clock

The clock stops if the user shows no signs that they are still on the page – that is no clicks, no mouse movements, or scrolling.

For this demo, the inactivity threshold is 15 seconds however, the normal inactivity threshold is 60 seconds to ensure the user is given sufficient time to consume the content without requiring any engagement.

Viewability Measurement

View Time
Video 0% 0s
Super Banner 0% 0s
Skyscraper 0% 0s

User active True
Time on site 0s


  • Full journey intelligence: The performance of your advertising isn’t just measured on the impression – that’s why TrafficGuard uses intel of the whole advertising journey to strengthen impression level protection.
  • Dedicated reporting: Share dedicated, real-time reporting with your traffic sources to ensure that everyone has access to the metrics they need to drive performance.
  • Granular analytics: Drill into campaigns and sources to the most granular levels of detail to inform better advertising decisions.
  • Transparent invalidation: Get a clear understanding of why transactions are blocked and which sources delivered them. No more risk scores or ambiguous data. Get accurate, clear and defendable invalidation.
  • Easy set up: TrafficGuard’s Impression level protection can be set up easily with a simple tag implementation

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