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Invalid Traffic

Invalid traffic can be extremely detrimental to PPC advertising campaigns, with every invalid click wasting money from your budget. Money that could have been spent reaching genuinely interested potential customers ends up being spent on invalid traffic that has no value whatsoever. But what is invalid traffic, and what can you do about it?

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What is invalid traffic?

According to Google, invalid traffic is any type of engagement with your advertising that is not motivated by a genuine interest in your products or services. Regardless of whether the 3rd party engagement is malicious in nature or accidental, it can still divert your advertising budget from more fertile ground. Among the most commonly encountered types of invalid traffic are the following:


Bot traffic

Bot traffic is any non-human traffic that visits a website. Some bots, such as the web crawlers employed by search engines, are harmless. Others are used for all sorts of nefarious purposes, including data scraping and credential stuffing.Many bots are designed to perform malicious tasks such as creating false user accounts & conversions or competitors wasting your Google PPC budget.


Click farms

Click farms use low-paid workers and software designed specifically to inflate click counts and impressions for paid advertising online. Some website publishers may purchase traffic from click farms in order to increase their revenue, but this is a short-sighted measure that rarely pays off in the long term.

Domain spoofing

Domain spoofing or domain laundering refers to a type of ad fraud in which bad actors monetise the traffic from low-quality sites by manipulating the domains and making it appear to come from high-quality sources.. It is one of the most talked-about invalid traffic concerns today.

Cookie stuffing

Cookie stuffing is a fraudulent practice that involves the stuffing of third-party cookies from other domains into a user's browser to make it look like they have visited the website where an ad is placed. The purpose of which is to claim the commission of any future sales that user makes.

Competitor clicks

Competitor clicks are clicks that are generated by competing advertisers, either by humans or with the help of software which has been outlined above.

Now you know what invalid traffic is, what can you do about it?

Invalid traffic mitigation software

TrafficGuard is a comprehensive ad fraud solution with powerful invalid traffic detection and protection features. With three layers of defence, TrafficGuard is the invalid traffic solution that leading brands worldwide trust. With PPC pricing that starts at $0, there’s no reason not to try TrafficGuard. Contact us today!

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How to block invalid traffic?

With TrafficGuard’s ad fraud and PPC invalid click protection, TrafficGuard will block the invalid traffic that’s draining your ad spend.

What causes invalid clicks?

Invalid clicks may be caused by non human traffic or directly by humans who have a low propensity to convert.

Why is TrafficGuard the best invalid traffic protection software?

TrafficGuard allows you to detect, measure, and block invalid traffic. TrafficGuard allows you to conduct a full Traffic Quality Audit at any time. For independent advertisers as well as networks and agencies that want to know how to prevent invalid traffic, TrafficGuard is the most effective solution currently available.