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TrafficGuard for Apps

Make faster, bolder optimisation decisions powered by verified traffic data.

Verification and fraud prevention for the entire app advertising journey from impression to install and app engagement.


Trusted by leading app advertisers




Protect your UA budget

For mobile app marketers, invalid traffic is any advertising engagement or event attributed to advertising that is not out of genuine interest in the app advertised. Invalid traffic consumes ad spend, pollutes data and hamstrings optimisation. Using TrafficGuard you can prevent invalid traffic in real-time before sources are attributed and verify your MMP’s attribution.

Stopping the misattribution snowball

Misattribution has a snowball effect on your performance. A single install attributed to the wrong source will inflate the value of that source not just by one install, but by the value of all the subsequent events of that new user. This leads marketers to underinvest in the channels that deliver the best results, restricting their advertising ROI.

TrafficGuard helps app marketers prevent misattribution in two unique ways:
1. Removing invalid traffic before it reaches the MMP so that it is not even considered for attribution
2. Verifying the MMPs attribution in real-time
This means you will always have a complete view of the sources that are truly driving results, enabling you to make the best optimisation decisions for user growth.


Supercharge your user acquisition

The best advertising performance comes from decisions based on accurate data. TrafficGuard verifies every advertising engagement, giving you complete trust and confidence in the data you use to drive performance so that you can act faster and be bolder to get the best results.

Flexible measurement and verification across all channels and devices

Unlike your MMP, TrafficGuard takes a broader view across all your advertising engagement, regardless of whether is mobile or web. When you want a complete picture of advertising performance, you can use TrafficGuard to verify search and programmatic, as well as your CPI and CPE campaigns.
With a unified view of performance and quality across your entire advertising operation, you can ensure every team has the intelligence they need to optimise effectively.

Integrated with all major MMPs and tracking solutions


Want to know more about how TrafficGuard is helping apps like yours drive better advertising performance?

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