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TrafficGuard for Mobile Apps

Higher user acquisition with lower costs? Go on then.

To stand out in crowded app stores, marketers need to squeeze as much value from their ad budgets as possible. Mobile app fraud protection is the place to start.


Ad budgets and UA efforts are at risk...

Mobile app ad fraud is the enemy of ambitious user acquisition strategies. Bots and bad guys are targeting the app industry because of its big budgets and huge market, and it’s having some serious consequences. Apps are at risk of hampered user acquisition (as fraudulent clicks don’t convert), decreased ad budgets which have been drained by IVT, and misattribution when clicks and conversions are attributed to the wrong source. That’s why you need expert mobile ad fraud prevention.

‘Appy Days

User acquisition efforts

Give your user acquisition efforts some oomph.

App marketers are often targeted on their UA metrics, so it’s worth paying attention to.

TrafficGuard verifies every advertising engagement, giving you complete trust and confidence in the data you use to drive performance and get the results you deserve.


So much more than your MMP.

Trusting MMP’s attribution data alone may leave you open to key vulnerabilities, as their anti-fraud tools only operate at or after the app install attribution, not the impression or click level.

Using Trafficguard as a complement, not an alternative, to your MMP ensures installs are correctly attributed and protected from the effects of invalid traffic.

TrafficGuard + Your MMP = 💸❤📈️

Misattribution snowball

Stopping the misattribution snowball.

A single install attributed to the wrong source will inflate the value of that source not just by one install, but by the value of all the subsequent events of that new user. This leads marketers to underinvest in the channels that deliver the best results, restricting their advertising ROI.

With mobile ad fraud detection and prevention in place, bots can’t trick advertisers into wrongly attributing installs to themselves. The snowball is melted before it can get any bigger, and marketers can have total faith in the validity of their attribution data.

So, whether you’re looking for a Google-endorsed PPC ad verification tool or apps that clarify and optimize data, social channels, affiliate ad spend, search, traffic quality, performance, and programmatic display campaigns and protect brands and businesses, whether small or large, you’ve come to the right place.

Integrated with all major MMPs and tracking solutions


Looking to scale your user acquisition efforts?

Find out how TrafficGuard is helping apps break down the barriers to scale and smash their UA targets with ad fraud protection.


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What is mobile ad fraud?

Mobile ad fraud is a type of advertising fraud that occurs when someone clicks on an ad with the intent to harm the advertiser's business. Failure to detect ad fraud in mobile apps is a big problem for advertisers, as it can cost them a lot of money.

There are a few different types of mobile ad fraud. One way is using bots, computer programs that can automatically click on ads. This can be done very quickly, making it difficult for advertisers to catch. Another way is by using click farms, which are groups of people who are paid to click on ads.

What is an MMP?

A mobile measurement partner (MMP) is a company that helps track and measure how people use their smartphones and other mobile devices. This information can be used to improve the user experience for customers and develop new products or services — helping with mobile app fraud prevention.

How does TrafficGuard complement your current MMP?

Ad fraud in mobile advertising is quite prevalent. Using us as a complement to your MMP means you’ll have the right data and resources at your disposal to prevent mobile app fraud at all levels. Our automated technology will ensure you have organic and genuine engagement, avoiding mobile app fraud.

What are the risks of mobile app fraud?

Mobile app fraud can have several risks for businesses, including losing money, losing customers, and damaging the company's reputation. Businesses that allow customers to make payments or purchase items through mobile apps may risk fraudulent activities, such as credit card or identity theft. In addition, businesses that rely on app downloads to generate revenue may find their sales declining if apps are found to be pirated or infected with malware. This stress is lessened with mobile app fraud detection.

One common type of mobile app fraud is when criminals create fake versions of popular apps and trick users into downloading them, which can result in stolen personal information or financial accounts being compromised. Additionally, hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in mobile apps to gain access to sensitive data or even take control of devices. This makes mobile ad fraud protection essential.