For Accurate Attribution and Protection, your MMP Needs TrafficGuard.

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Using a mobile measurement partner for your app install attribution? Congratulations! That’s step number one towards ensuring you know where every click and download has come from. Any marketer worth their salt knows that verified attribution data is essential for successful campaigns, a well-performing channel mix, and overall good campaign ROI.

What many marketers don’t know? That their MMP alone ain’t gonna cut it.

The trouble with your mobile measurement partner

Before you get all hot and bothered, we’re not saying MMPs are bad. On the contrary, they’re a vital part of a mobile app marketer’s tech stack, necessary for attributing data to different channels and advertisements. Our point is that, like all online platforms, they’re susceptible to fraudulent activity and sources of invalid traffic. So leaving them to verify data without protection from fraud is like driving a sports car with your eyes closed—dangerous and expensive.

Some MMPs offer rudimentary fraud protection tools, but they only tend to operate at or after the app install attribution, not at the impression or click level. This means they neglect to verify traffic at the very start of its journey, allowing huge amounts of fraudulent activity through at the top of the funnel.

When your app is installed, your MMP will attempt to attribute each install to a correct click. If there is no ad click associated directly with the install, the MMP will assume this is an organic install. If a user clicks on multiple ads over time, your MMP crowns the final click before download as the winner, who will then be rewarded for delivering the click. This is called last click attribution. 

Fraudsters are big fans of last click attribution, as they are able to easily manipulate the system to fool MMPs into attributing them as the click provider, and can subsequently claim the rewards for delivering the clicks. They do none of the work, get all the cash, and you’re left with less ad budget and nothing to show for it.

At this point, you may as well have no MMP at all! And the worst part of it? 👇

Failing to protect your MMP can have dire consequences on your ROI and bottom line

When organic installs are under-reported, budget is directed towards paid channels which aren’t driving traffic. When these channels show high impressions but low installs, marketers can be tempted to funnel more budget towards them, under the false impression that performance will improve with just a little more cash…

This, of course, goes directly into the pockets of fraudsters, who’ve now set up camp in your campaigns. Marketers get stuck in a cycle of paying more money for worse results, crippling the ROI of campaigns and inhibiting scale.

Clean traffic is imperative to selecting the right advertising channels and driving the success of campaigns. 

Enter TrafficGuard; Your scale-enabling, budget-saving, ROI-driving friend

All those problems disappear when you layer mobile app fraud protection across your mobile app marketing campaigns. Our verification works independently from your MMP’s attribution process, meaning you can enjoy all the benefits of attribution, safe in the knowledge your MMPs findings are verified.

With only relevant users engaging with your ads, user acquisition gets an almighty boost as well. Mobile app ad fraud is the enemy of ambitious user acquisition strategies, as fraudulent clicks which never convert reduce spend which would otherwise go towards bagging new, relevant users. Remove fraud from the equation and you’re left with a pool of prospects ready and raring to download your offering, with your MMP able to accurately determine who they are and where they came from.

By offering protection at every level, including during the click process, we verify traffic as soon as it enters the picture, leaving fraud with nowhere to hide. And with AI/ML on our side, we provide the most complete, transparent and effective verification solution on the market. 

Get started - it's free

You can set up a TrafficGuard account in minutes, so we’ll be protecting your campaigns before you can say ‘sky-high ROI’.

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