How Can Mobile App Marketers Stay Ahead and Boost User Acquisition?

User acquisition is a crucial aspect of any successful app or mobile product strategy; without a consistent and reliable stream of new users, you’ll never be able to sustain or scale your application. Whether you’re gearing up your marketing strategy for your app startup, or looking to drive user acquisition for an existing business, it’s a top priority for mobile app marketers. As more and more brands join the race to the top of the app store marketplace, savvy businesses are taking a hard look at their mobile app user acquisition strategies.

Invalid traffic and ad fraud is the silent foe that skews metrics, drains budgets, and makes it impossible to grow user acquisition or scale at speed. When invalid clicks are present in ad campaigns it makes it unclear which channels are delivering what traffic, inhibiting the ability to correctly assign ad budget.

This leads to unoptimised ad spend, wasted marketing opportunities and poor channel performance—all factors which make ambitious user acquisition and scaling efforts impossible.

In this video you can explore advanced strategies to excel in mobile marketing with our video series, as we share valuable insights on optimising user acquisition. 🚀 Stay ahead in the mobile marketing game! In our series of #30SecondsThoughts, join Jo Molenaar, our marketing manager for EMEA, as we discover top strategies to supercharge user acquisition in this insightful talk.


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