Latin America: The Rising Star of Sports Betting Markets

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Latin America stands at the forefront of the online gambling industry's meteoric global expansion. With a fervent sporting culture, a burgeoning middle class, and advancing internet and mobile accessibility, the region emerges as a pivotal market for sports betting operators.

Leading the charge is Mexico, which an International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) assessment in 2021 found to have an impressive 90% channelisation rate into legal betting markets. This is aided by the country's wide range of gambling options available both online and land-based.

Navigating Mexico's Evolving Sports Betting Regulations

Mexico's gambling industry is governed by the 1947 Federal Gaming and Raffles Law, which was updated in 2004 but is still outdated compared to today's technological landscape. A new federal framework was proposed in 2014 but has yet to be implemented.

The country permits various forms of gambling for individuals aged 18 and above, encompassing both online and retail sports betting. However, a presidential decree in November 2023 banned slot machines, presenting significant openings for online operators as new licences are restricted and existing ones expire.

Tax rates are set at 30% of gross gaming revenue (GGR) for both online and land-based operators. States can also impose additional taxes of 4-6% on player winnings, with 1% going to the federal government. Annual licence fees range from 1-2% of turnover depending on product verticals, with licences lasting up to 25 years with 15-year extension options.

The good news for sports betting operators? Mexico is far from the only Latin American market where the opportunities are growing.


In October 2023, Peru approved regulations for online sports betting and iGaming through Law 31557. The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) oversees the regulated market, which includes a 12% GGR tax rate split between the government and initiatives like responsible gambling programmes.


Chile's Chamber of Deputies passed a bill in December 2023 to regulate online gaming, including sports betting and "games of chance." The bill now awaits Senate approval. If passed, it would impose a 20% GGR tax plus additional duties for areas like sports integrity and responsible gambling.


The true giant of the region, Brazil legalised online sports betting and gaming in December 2023 through Bill 3,626/23. With a projected $100 billion annual market, Brazil is a dreamland for operators able to secure one of the R$30 million 5-year licences. Tax rates are set at 12% of GGR.

Argentina & Colombia

While lacking federal frameworks, certain provinces in Argentina have regulated online gambling since the early 2000s. Colombia was the first mover, legalising online betting in 2016 through its eGaming Act with a 15-17% GGR tax.

With rising consumer demand, improving infrastructure, and new regulated markets opening, Latin America is shaping up to be online gambling's next gold rush. Operators willing to invest early and navigate the regulatory hurdles could reap massive rewards from being first movers in this high-growth region. 

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