Ultimate Tech Stack For Sports Betting Marketers

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In the high-octane world of sports betting, a digital revolution is reshaping the playing field. 

The industry has undergone a seismic shift in recent years, largely driven by technology. Gone are the days of smoky betting shops and scribbled on chalkboards. With just a few taps on a mobile or computer, players can access a whole range of exciting betting options whenever and wherever they choose. 

The industry ballooned to a whopping $63.53 billion in 2022. And guess what? It's predicted to get even bigger, with an 11.3% CAGR from 2022 to 2031.

Of course, this digital gold rush has brought about intense competition amongst sports betting companies, and the demand for software that revolutionises and enhances the player experience has soared.

Whether you’re a startup or an established sportsbook, selecting the right technology stack is crucial, and we’re here to help with that. Ready to turn the odds in your favour? Let's get started.

Our top seven sports betting MarTech must-haves 

In the sports betting arena, having the right arsenal of tools isn't just helpful — it's the key to success. We've scouted the digital playing field and handpicked seven tech champions that will elevate your game to hall-of-fame status. 

1. Geocomply: Cut back on location fraud

Across the US and beyond, sports betting is facing a regulatory blitz. The US sports betting market is especially complex because each state has its own set of rules and regulations. It's an ever-changing regulatory rodeo, and one of the trickiest broncos to buck? Location fraud.

Some clever players stationed in no-bet zones utilise VPNs to appear as if they’re located in a state where it’s legal. But this isn't just a sneaky sidestep; it's a major foul play that could land both the player and the sportsbook they’re defrauding in seriously hot water.

To tackle this, you can use a geo-validator like Geocomply. Geocomply allows metrics to be gathered from iOS users to confirm their location. The app dives deep into the data pool, analysing a plethora of mobile metrics to sniff out those VPN masquerades. Each user gets a score, revealing the likelihood of location fraud. 

So, if you're playing in the sports betting big leagues and need to keep it clean and compliant, Geocomply is your solution.

2. Raventrack: Attribute every click and find the channels that work best for you 

Most sports betting companies use affiliate programs to attract new players. It's a partnership with the potential for big wins on both sides.

But in this game, knowing your aces from your jokers is key. Not all affiliates have the same clout, and that's where precision tracking comes into play. You need a tool that can sift through the clicks, highlighting the channels that truly work for you.

That's where Raventrack comes in. It's more than a tracking tool; it's a strategic ally, equipped to handle multiple traffic sources and campaigns with ease. With Raventrack, all your clicks and conversions are accounted for, ensuring that no valuable data slips away unnoticed and you will always know exactly which platform is delivering success and when.

3. iConvert: Improve your website traffic through seamless user experiences

As the online gaming industry grows, sports betting websites are increasingly looking for ways they can improve their traffic and reduce bounce rates. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) software is one effective solution, helping companies identify areas where their website can be improved to increase user engagement and drive conversions. 

iConvert is one company that does this. From experimenting with layouts and colours to testing different messaging, iConvert covers every base. It's not just about looking good; it's about being responsive and creating a seamless experience, especially for mobile players. 

CRO software enables you to tweak the small aspects of your campaigns and compound them into big wins. Whether your goal is increasing acquisition, loyalty, or growing first time deposits, CRO software helps turn your players into payers. 

The results? Clients of iConvert have seen their bounce rates drop by up to 34%, and registrations by over 312%! 

4. Xtremepush: Keep players engaged with the thrill of real-time play

Every sports betting company wants a steady stream of new acquisitions, but retaining those players with engaging, real-time, and dynamic content is essential. That's easier said than done. Here's a sobering stat: only 40% of players still use betting apps a month after downloading them, and a mere 10% are loyalists after six months. Ouch.

How can you turn now-and-then players into engaged, returning loyalists?

You need to engage customers at the right moment, and that doesn't mean simply blasting information out haphazardly. You need smart, targeted communication that resonates.

Xtremepush is an omnichannel customer engagement platform that tackles this. Using push notifications in real-time, A/B testing to optimise messaging, and AI to analyse individual user behaviour are just a few ways this platform can help you engage customers at the right moment and ensure they remain loyal. 

TrafficGuard client Superbet also utilises Xtremepush to leverage highly personalised Mobile Push Notifications, SMS and email campaigns. With the added personalisation provided by Xtremepush, Superbet now experiences industry average-shattering open rates of 90%.

5. Incentive Games: Infuse the science of gamification into your offerings

In-app games and activities, such as spin-to-win games or mini-challenges, are excellent tactics for acquiring, retaining, and monetising customers via web and mobile apps.

This is something Incentive Games specialises in. But they don't just add games; they infuse the science of gamification into your offerings, turning every interaction into a compelling reason for players to return. It's not just about playing games; it's about creating an ecosystem where each click is a step towards deeper engagement.

By leveraging AI, Incentive Games learns from users' behaviours to offer relevant games and promotions, aligning with individual preferences and habits. This AI-driven personalisation is crucial in a saturated market, where distinguishing your offering is the key to retaining customers.

6. Genius Sports - Reach and activate more players with data-driven content

Bringing the electric atmosphere of live sports straight into a fan's living room is the holy grail of online sports betting, but it’s notoriously hard to pull off.

Utilising automated tools, like the ones from Genius Creative, will help with this. Its BetVision product allows players to place wagers from within the live video player of a sportsbook app, putting them right at the heart of the action. These low latency live game video streams feature integrated betting odds and bet slips and are enhanced by in-game alerts and on-screen offers during breaks to increase relevance, drive engagement and retain customers.

And then, there's the pièce de résistance: Genius Creative. This automated creative product harnesses hyper-localisation, live data, and pinpoint marketing to conjure ads that aren't just seen but felt. Think countdowns, live score alerts, and betting odds that don't just catch the eye but create a pulse-racing sense of urgency. All this without putting pressure on internal design resources—what more could you want?

7. TrafficGuard – Protect yourself against invalid traffic

The mobile app boom in sports betting offers lucrative prospects for operators, but this opportunity comes with challenges like fierce competition and the need for substantial marketing investment. Ad fraud and invalid traffic (IVT) has become a real problem, which can drain budgets and distort campaign metrics.

As a trusted provider for leading sports betting companies like William Hill and Ladbrokes, TrafficGuard addresses this by identifying and reducing IVT. Given the high cost of acquiring a sports betting player, typically around $300, managing campaign costs effectively is crucial. We tackle this by deploying custom verification rules and shadow campaigns, limiting repetitive ad clicks and preserving budgets for genuine, conversion-likely users.

Moreover, sports betting companies, facing high ad budgets and the necessity of maintaining brand credibility, require robust protection from the effects of invalid traffic. TrafficGuard's AI/ML models excel in detecting and mitigating both known and emerging ad fraud, ensuring operators can focus on the most productive channels and customer acquisition.

By providing comprehensive, transparent solutions to combat mobile ad invalid traffic, TrafficGuard helps operators to maximise global scaling opportunities and optimise their ROI. Find out more about our sports betting capabilities here.

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