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TrafficGuard for Ad Networks & Agencies

Give your clients the protection they deserve and advertising results to impress.

Ad networks and agencies are often at the mercy of the clients’ schedules for reporting. With TrafficGuard, you can take control of your traffic quality and get the data you need to drive advertising performance when you need it.

Fraud preventing for Ad Networks & Agencies

Trusted by ad networks globally

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Delight your clients with superior advertising performance

The best advertising performance comes from decisions based on accurate and timely data. As an ad network, it is sometimes difficult to get performance data with enough detail when you need it to effectively optimise. Using TrafficGuard you get a real-time view of traffic quality across your traffic, as granular as sub source and site-ID, in one platform, enabling you to drive more effective optimisation.
With real-time fraud prevention, you can protect your reputation by preventing invalid traffic, before it reaches your clients.

Remove the burden of manual invoice reconciliation

Using TrafficGuard you can prevent invalid traffic and verify attribution in real-time. This means your traffic sources aren’t misattributed for advertising engagement and everyone has the same numbers at billing time.


Grow your reach safely

Knowing your ad spend is protected by TrafficGuard, you can safely onboard new traffic sources without putting your clients’ advertising performance or your own reputation in jeopardy.

Protect your business from retrospective rejection and disputes

Is the whole traffic source invalid or just some of its traffic? Unfortunately, many of the vendors your clients use for verification can’t answer this question. As a result, when any invalid traffic makes its way through your network, they aggressively and retrospectively reject all the conversions you have delivered.
Ultimately, this is harmful to you and the performance of your clients’ advertising campaigns.
Using TrafficGuard, you can prevent invalid clicks reaching the MMP keeping your traffic clean, reducing the opportunity for misattribution while also protecting the valid conversions you have already delivered.

Integrated with all major MMPs and tracking solutions

Display and video 360
Google Ads
Search Ads

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