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TrafficGuard for PPC

Take your Google Ads campaigns to new heights.

Every dollar saved from fraudsters goes straight back into your PPC budget - meaning more marketing spend and fewer invalid clicks. Try TrafficGuard’s PPC ad fraud Protection to banish ad fraud from your Google Ads campaigns and grow your reach.


Better performance. Better ROAS. Better, well, everything.

Our leading PPC ad fraud monitoring and prevention platform is available on Google Cloud Marketplace globally. TrafficGuard enables you to prevent invalid advertising engagements in real-time, all monitored through a single, intuitive dashboard. Got 62 seconds? Check out the explainer to learn more.

Pinch me, I’m dreaming!

Hi dreaming, we’re TrafficGuard. It’s true, our platform really does:

Protect spend with automated fraud prevention.

Ensure your advertising attracts genuine engagement.

Save time and drive advertising ROI.

Three ways the TrafficGuard platform drives ROI:


Improved Optimisation

Make better advertising decisions and boost performance with verified traffic data.

Save Ad Spend

TrafficGuard proactively protects your precious ad spend, ensuring your budget is ultra-optimised.

Improve ROAS

With that optimised ad budget, you can enjoy improved return on ad spend as your campaigns perform better with more relevant audiences and spend to play with.


More than just a pretty dashboard.

Automated fraud prevention

Automated fraud prevention

TrafficGuard proactively stops your ads from showing to sources of invalid traffic, automatically protecting you from the effects of ad fraud through monitoring and click fraud prevention.

Marketing teams can spend huge amounts of time manually attempting to remove ad fraud from their traffic; which is a drain on resources and never as sophisticated as a dedicated platform. Focus your time and effort on optimisation and growth, and leave fraud fighting to us.

Automated PPC ad fraud protection saves online marketplaces 25% of their ad spend, so you can count on us to safeguard you from malicious and fraudulent engagement and optimize your operations. There’s no need to risk your resources. Let us streamline your ad campaign and keep you ahead of the competition.

Intelligent real-time analytics

Intelligent real-time analytics

Drive your campaign optimisation with an unprecedented level of visibility into traffic quality across your Google Ads campaigns.

Impress shareholders with in-depth insights into traffic metrics, and use your new-found data to make bold optimisations to your campaigns.

Unlike our competitors, false-positives don’t fly with us

Unlike our competitors, false-positives don’t fly with us

Many legacy tools stop only some invalid traffic, but usually end up costing your business actual customers who never get to see your ads because of aggressive rules.

Identifying and preventing click fraud on Google is daunting without the proper tools. TrafficGuard’s propensity to convert algorithm monitors behaviour signals on ad engagements from traffic sources across all TrafficGuard protected advertising, and gives each a score of how likely it is to deliver valid traffic. This ensures that genuine traffic with the potential to deliver ROI isn’t caught in the crossfire.

So, if you’re after a Google-endorsed PPC ad verification tool or apps that clarify and optimize data, social channels, affiliate ad spend, search, traffic quality, performance, and programmatic display campaigns and protect brands and businesses, whether small or large, we’re here for you.

Integrated with all major MMPs and tracking solutions


TLC for your PPC.

Want to get more out of your ad budget? Watch our VP’s webinar on how to maximise your ROI below.



Detection only

$0 /mo

Essential visibility & clarity of quality for up to $2.5k ad spend a month.

No credit card required


Detection and prevention


Complete clarity and invalid traffic prevention for up to $2.5k ad spend a month

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What is click fraud?

Click fraud is when someone clicks on an advertisement for a product or service with the intent to artificially inflate the number of clicks or impressions that the advertisement receives. This can be done either by the advertiser or by someone hired to click on the ad. Click fraud can be difficult to detect, and it can cost the advertiser a lot of money if they pay for each ad click. This is why you need expert Google click fraud prevention.

How to prevent click fraud?

The complex and important nature of championing an ad campaign and allocating resources in the right places means you won’t have the time or expertise to manage and prevent click fraud. Click fraud malware and click fraud software is shockingly prevalent in the marketplace. The best way to prevent click fraud is to partner with a reliable company that can provide you with industry-leading PPC click fraud software.

Why is TrafficGuard the best PPC click fraud protection software?

TrafficGuard is the only PPC ad tool that Google endorses, so you can rest assured that we have the best click fraud prevention software you could possibly find.

What are the risks of click fraud?

One potential risk of click fraud is that it can artificially inflate website traffic numbers, leading to inaccurate measurement of a website's audience and effectiveness. Additionally, fraudulent clicks can waste a company's advertising budget.

Click fraud can also generate artificial likes, views, and follows on social media platforms. This can create the false impression that a particular account or post is more popular than it is. Additionally, this type of fraud can artificially inflate traffic numbers on websites and web-based applications. This is where click fraud detection protection comes in handy.