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TrafficGuard Social

Intelligent ad fraud protection across all major social channels.

Enjoy increased conversions and ROI by shielding your ad campaigns from the clicks farms, bots, and bad guys of social media advertising.

social channels

Banish bots from your social channels and
show your campaigns some ❤️.

Social media ad fraud is rife within social media channels. Proof is in the pudding - Facebook deletes over 1.5billion of fake accounts every 3 months. At TrafficGuard, we empower businesses with intelligent yet simplicity-driven ad fraud prevention solution, ensuring optimal efficiency of your marketing budgets.

No more polluted marketing metrics that hampers optimisation efforts and draining your paid social ad budgets on clicks which won’t lead to any conversions!


Automated fraud protection.

Save time optimising with automated fraud protection.

We know your social advertising spend is precious - so why risk wasting it on invalid traffic?

Our platform automatically detects and blocks sources of invalid traffic, and ensures you won’t be charged for any clicks from fraudulent audiences. You can focus on making informed optimisations, while TrafficGuard works its magic in the background.


Advertising buck

Get more bang for your advertising buck.

With more budget to play with and the assurance of genuine users, you can expect an increased ROI just days after rolling out the TrafficGuard platform.

By protecting your campaigns and building out cleaner audience groups, you can feel confident that a larger proportion of your clicks are coming from conversion-ready leads.

Genuine engagement

Make decisions based on totally genuine engagement.

High engagement with few conversions is one of the most common signs of fraudulent activity. Bots spam your ads to get their payout, but won’t travel further down the funnel.

With TrafficGuard, there are no bots, farms or shady competitors wreaking havoc on your metrics. Just real engagement from your future customers.

So, if you’re after a Google-endorsed PPC ad verification tool or apps that clarify and optimize data, affiliate ad spend, search, traffic quality, performance, and programmatic display campaigns and protect brands and businesses, whether small or large, TrafficGuard is here for you.

A note from our CEO...

“At TrafficGuard, we are committed in helping our customers to maximise their returns on ad spend. With the launch of TrafficGuard Social, we are one step closer in realising our vision of being a full-funnel, omnichannel ad fraud prevention solution."

Mat Ratty, CEO, TrafficGuard


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How does TrafficGuard help prevent social media ad fraud?

We can help safeguard your ad campaign against malicious actors through cutting-edge automated software, enabling you to focus on building your brand. You’ll save time and money, knowing that you won’t have to worry about overspending or constantly checking your data to see if your results are genuine. Whether you’re worried about Facebook ad fraud or Instagram ad fraud, we have the necessary tools to prevent fraud and scams on social media.

What are the risks of ad fraud in social media campaigns?

Social media ad fraud is a big problem for brands and social media platforms. It can lead to brands pulling their ads from the platform and eat into the platform’s advertising revenues. It’s important to be aware of the different types of social media ad fraud and to take steps to protect yourself from it.

What is social media ad fraud?

Social network ad fraud is using fraudulent means to generate revenue on social media platforms. This can include creating fake accounts or using bots to like or follow pages. It can also involve clicking on ads without any intention of doing so. Ad fraud is a big problem for social media platforms, as it can affect their advertising revenues. In some cases, it can also cause brands to pull their ads from the platform entirely.

One of the most common social media ad fraud types is click fraud. This is where someone clicks on an ad without any intention of doing so. They may do this to generate revenue for themselves, or they may do it to inflate the number of clicks on an ad artificially. This can make it look like the ad is more popular than it is, leading to brands paying more for their ads. Click fraud is difficult to detect, as it can be hard to tell if someone has clicked on an ad by accident.