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TrafficGuard for Brands

Absolute clarity of campaign performance.

Get complete clarity of your advertising performance to the make the best optimisation decisions and drive advertising ROI.

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Protect your ad spend

Invalid traffic is any advertising engagement or event attributed to advertising that is not out of genuine interest. Invalid traffic consumes ad spend, pollutes data and hamstrings optimisation. Using TrafficGuard you can verify all advertising engagements - impressions, clicks, and conversions, to stop invalid traffic as early as possible.

Supercharge your advertising performance

The best advertising performance comes from decisions based on accurate data. TrafficGuard verifies every advertising engagement, giving you complete trust and confidence in the data you use to drive performance so that you can act faster and be bolder to get the best results.

Flexible measurement and verification across all channels

Strong measurement and verification is the #1 foundation for sustainable growth. A brand’s media spend is usually distributed across a number of channels, each with their own tools for measurement and sometimes fraud prevention.
TrafficGuard gives you a unified view of performance and quality across your entire advertising operation. Using TrafficGuard, you can ensure that every team has the intelligence they need to optimise effectively.

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