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TrafficGuard for Affiliate

Maximise your return on affiliate ad spend.

It’s difficult to trust the data sent to you by third-party advertising partners. With the increase in volume of online affiliate marketing scams, it’s tougher than ever to stay on top of things on your own. Using TrafficGuard for your affiliate marketing PPC campaigns protects you against the effects of invalid traffic.


Monitoring your affiliate partners so you don’t have to.

Our affiliate ad fraud prevention solution platform verifies all affiliate activity to prevent misattribution and lessen the effects of invalid traffic. TrafficGuard offers a full-funnel, multipoint solution that measures users’ engagement, intent, and propensity to convert. This gives a totally transparent view of advertising activity, enabling marketing teams to make bold optimisations backed up by accurate data.

The good stuff

Affiliate referrals

Complete transparency around affiliate referrals.

If you’re only looking at the data your PPC affiliate program partners declare, you’re at risk of being mislead. TrafficGuard provides you with in-depth transparency into the domains your campaign traffic originated from.

These domains represent the specific site where users found and clicked through your ad, so you can cross-examine affiliate data and be more discerning with third-party vendors.

Advertising buck

Get more bang for your advertising buck.

With more budget to play with and the assurance of genuine users, you can expect an increased ROI just days after rolling out the TrafficGuard platform.

By protecting your campaigns and building out cleaner audience groups, you can feel confident that a larger proportion of your clicks are coming from conversion-ready leads.

Full protection

Full funnel, full protection.

We provide the most comprehensive, full-funnel, real-time invalid traffic detection suite. Our invalid traffic detection works across all channels, detecting and preventing fraudulent activity throughout the full customer journey. Through the power of automation, you won’t have to worry about going through an unending amount of data to determine if all your ad spend has been used genuinely and without any malicious intent.

So, if you’re after a Google-endorsed PPC ad verification tool or apps that clarify and optimize data, affiliate ad spend, search, traffic quality, performance and programmatic display campaigns and protect brands and businesses, whether small or large, TrafficGuard is here for you.

Affiliate success story

One NASDAQ-listed entertainment company sought TrafficGuard’s help after they suspected affiliate partners were bidding on prohibited search terms, ultimately costing them money. Our platform enabled them to:

  • Identify 25% of their traffic came from invalid sources.
  • Use the ‘Traffic Control’ feature to invalidate all non-approved clicks from Google in real time.
  • Prevent any and all prohibited affiliate activity in the future.
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TrafficGuard Affiliate


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What is affiliate fraud?

Affiliate marketing fraud is when a company or individual uses fraudulent means to earn money through an affiliate program. This can include click fraud, where fake clicks are generated on ads to earn commission payments; or cookie stuffing, where fake cookies are placed on computers to track affiliate sales. Malicious affiliate ad programs seek to do this so they can earn money from false clicks or sales. Pay per click affiliate programs need to be monitored to avoid affiliate scams and affiliate program fraud.

How to prevent fraud in affiliate marketing?

With industry-leading software, TrafficGuard can safeguard your business against malicious affiliates. You can sit back and enjoy all the benefits without worrying about anything else — we’re here to help with our industry-leading affiliate marketing fraud detection.

Affiliate fraud can be difficult to detect, as it is often done through automated means. However, our software may indicate that affiliate scams are taking place, such as an unusually high number of clicks on an ad, or a high number of sales from a single IP address. If you suspect that affiliate fraud is taking place, please contact us immediately so that we can investigate.

What are the risks of affiliate marketing click fraud?

Online affiliate marketing scams are a type of online scam in which a person or company deceives another party into thinking they are doing business with a legitimate affiliate site, when in reality they are dealing with a scammer.

This can result in financial losses for the unsuspecting party, as well as damage to the reputation of the affiliate site. Some common tactics used by scammers include setting up fake websites that resemble the legitimate affiliate site, sending spam emails that appear to be from the affiliate site, and creating fake social media profiles. This makes affiliate fraud prevention essential.

How does TrafficGuard help prevent affiliate program fraud?

By monitoring your affiliates for you, we make sure that everything is running smoothly and as intended. Don’t risk the effectiveness of your Google ads with affiliate marketing that goes unchecked. We work with you to ensure your pay per click affiliate marketing is devoid of any affiliate marketing scams.